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King crab; King crab, also known as stone crab or rock crab, belongs to the deep-sea crab class, mainly distributed in cold waters, and is named for its huge size. It is understood that there is also a saying that king crabs are blue blood. In Europe, blue blood is the symbol of the royal family, so they are named king crabs. Amazing reproduction rate, each female crab can produce nearly 10,000 live young crabs every year. King crabs generally spawn in shallows about 350 meters away from April to June every year, mostly living in the muddy sand of the shallows and inhabiting waters in low latitudes. In September 2011, scientists discovered more than one million giant king crabs in a mudbed basin 850 meters below the continental shelf off Antarctica..So,how do you boil alaskan king crab legs price?

In fact, although king crabs look like crabs and taste like crabs, they are not crabs, but belong to the family of stone crabs. This is the same as crayfish, Boston lobster is not lobster..So,how long to steam

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major event.So,how to steam

On July 12, 2014 local time, a fisherman in the port city of Nome, Alaska, caught an extremely rare king crab. This king crab has a cobalt blue body, different from the usual red king crab.king crab belleville mi frozen?.

In this regard, biologists from the Alaska Fish and Game Service said: "Although the reason for the cobalt blue color of the king crab is not known, it should not be a genetic mutation.".

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delicious food on the table.

King crab is the most popular delicacy in North America, the meat is succulent and delicious, and the huge size makes the stomach very satisfied. The weight of a king crab is usually around 3 kg, and some large ones can reach more than 5 kg, which is enough for 10 people to enjoy together.king crab legs shipped with old bay?.

There are many ways to cook king crab, boiled crab, salad, crab cakes, fried crab, charcoal grilled crab, and even Japanese crab sashimi. But the best part is the steamed king crab!.

The original taste of the crab is preserved to the greatest extent, and the taste buds can directly embrace the taste from the ocean. The sturdy crab legs are peeled out of the plump crab meat, and the wonderful satisfaction is stuffed into the mouth..

Precious Alaskan King Crab.

The Alaskan King Crab is a very large crab species, with an average weight of 10 kg, a shell width of up to 28 cm, and feet fully extended up to 1.8 meters..

Fishing for Alaskan king crab is a very dangerous job among all king crabs. When fishing, the fishermen have to endure winds of 128 kilometers per hour and 12-meter-high waves, and they are always in danger of being slammed by the swaying steel crab pots weighing more than 300 kilograms..

Alaskan king crab has a high rate of work-related injuries, killing one in seven fishing workers..

King crabs are known to be delicious, but few know the labor and sometimes lives that fishermen pay in catching these crabs..

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