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The essence of the king crab is all concentrated in the crab legs. The meat of the crab legs is fresh and sweet, and the fibers are thick but not stuffed. The crab legs are stuffed into the mouth, and a full mouthful of crab legs makes the foodies particularly satisfied. Only boiled and steamed is the best, because the king crab itself is seafood, and it has its own salt and salty taste. No other seasoning is needed when cooking. If you like a stronger taste, you can prepare your own sauce to dip the crab meat. 1. Eating habits; foreigners do not have the habit of eating crab roe and crab paste. Most western countries eat crabs and only eat meat, unlike Chinese people who eat crabs, they can take out all the edible parts inside and outside of crabs and eat them. Few foreigners know what crab roe is. They only treat crab roe as garbage, and think that crab roe smells unspeakably fishy, ​​so they don't eat crab roe. 2. The cooking skills are different; although the crab body and crab bucket of the king crab can be eaten, there is not much meat. In particular, foreigners are generally not good at cooking crab bodies. They feel that the meat in the crab body is not as delicious as the crab legs, so foreigners will discard the crab body. 3. Crab roe is susceptible to contamination; king crabs are not strictly speaking crabs, and crab roe only appears during the breeding period of king crabs. At this time, there is almost nothing to eat on the king crab, and the king crab is a pure wild creature, and the crab roe is easily contaminated, so foreigners think that the crab roe cannot be eaten. Crab legs: Steam the crab legs with minced garlic vermicelli, or stir-fry with ginger and green onions, steam the crab body, and prepare the dipping sauce. The fans absorbed the crab juice, which was delicious and delicious..So,where do they sell king crab legs market price?

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First, we need to clarify what some king crabs actually are. Because there are so many types of crabs, many people have been stupidly confused about king crabs, emperor crabs, etc. After all, it seems that there is no difference between emperors and emperors. There are many kinds of king crabs, about 113 kinds, they belong to the crustaceans of the stone crab family, and they are not really crabs..So,what do you eat with crab leg king crab legs sams?

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Most of the time, king crabs like to live in colder deep-sea areas, such as the cold waters of the North Pacific, where there are large numbers of king crabs. Originally, this kind of creature has become a food on people's table because of its abundant meat and delicious meat. However, with the change of the environment, the destructiveness of the king crab to the ecological environment has become increasingly prominent. The first is the invasion of king crabs into the Barents Sea. This area is one of the continental margin seas of the Arctic Ocean and is very close to Europe, and the king crab swept Europe from here. It turns out that although the Barents Sea is located in the Arctic Ocean, due to the warm current, the seawater here is not frozen all year round, and people with relevant geographical knowledge know that ocean currents will bring rich "bait and nutrients"..So,how to bake king crab mlk?

Therefore, in the 1960s, king crabs, which came along with Soviet scientists, began to colonize and breed in the Barents Sea. Many people might say, isn't this a good thing? The faster and more king crabs grow, the more humans can scoop up and eat. However, with the intensification of global warming, the king crabs that originally lived in the Barents Sea began to "expand" and expanded their territory to Svalbard..

The king crab, which was originally a very fast reproduction and a large size, became the overlord of the biological chain immediately after arriving here. The terrifying speed of reproduction and conquest by force of the local ecology has made a mess, highlighting the terrifying aspects of the king crab..

You know, the arm span of a king crab can reach up to 1.8 meters, which is consistent with the height of an adult male. In addition to its long legs, it also has a thick carapace, which can be said to not only "attack" but also "defend". In this case, the ferocious king crab is simply invincible in the seas without natural enemies ..

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